Re-adaptation centre

Address of the organisation:

Dushanbe city, Gagarina str. 68


no data


6 employees

Place of living of persons - users of the social services:

Dushanbe city

Age of persons - users of the social services:

from 18 years

Number of persons who received social services in 2010:


Normativ standard (persons)*Average time for service provision (day)

*Quantity of clients (persons) who receive services comparing to one specialist of the organisation

Category of persons – users of social services:
  • Children injecting drugs
  • People living with HIV
  • Injection drug users
  • Family members or close relatives of the beneficiary

Provided services:

Form of social services 2b - Temporary social welfare services in residential-care institutions (Temporary residential-care services), less than 3 months
Types of social services:
  • Social-medical re/habilitation
  • Social-psychological support and consultations
  • Social services provision
  • Leisure and communication
  • Representation of client’s interests at other organisations
Managing body:

Non-state organisation "SPIN PLUS”

Funding source: